Green Beret Challenge


The Green Beret Challenge, or the GBC was developed by Special Forces "Green Berets". The GBC model originated from the experiences of these men as they conquered the extraordinary challenges presented during the Special Forces selection process. Surviving selection was the first step in affirming or denying the wearing of the covetous Green Beret. If you are looking for a new and demanding course, unlike anything you have ever experienced, take that first step and sign up!

You and your team will traverse 8 grueling miles of extreme terrain while enduring your own personal hell on earth. You will incur both physical and mental challenges along the way. The course will require you to push, pull, carry, climb and/or crawl your way to the finish line. You WILL want to quit! But as you cross the finish line, you will have earned a symbol of excellence; a badge of courage, a mark of distinction. Do you have what it takes to overcome 8 miles of hell?




The intent of the Green Beret Challenge is to test an individual's decision making process as they encounter overwhelming physical challenges. We integrate each individual into a team setting and provide scenarios in which the team must make sound decisions to overcome adversity. Fail to plan, or make poor decisions, and your team will suffer.

Our mission is to provide the challenges, then inspire you to push past what you currently accept as your physical and mental limits. Finish the course and redefine your boundaries. The GBC will provide an atmosphere of positive motivation that drives people to succeed, regardless of the odds against them. Conquering these challenges will breed self-improvement, a can-do attitude and perseverance to take on life with an entirely new perspective.

Do you have what it takes to endure the Green Beret Challenge?