Are you ready to conquer the Green Beret Challenge?
— Team GBC

The Mission

The GBC is an array of personal challenges to overcome requiring strength, determination, physical endurance, problem solving and decision making. You and your team will be required to attack 8 grueling miles as you push, pull, carry, climb or crawl your way to the finish line. We promise the pain will be legendary, but the sense of accomplishment will last forever.

the medal

"I remember looking at other teams and competitors during the event and it was all in the gaze between us, we didn't have to say anything. There was admiration, respect and acceptance for what we were enduring together. In all of my races, I have never worked so hard to put something around my neck. I will never forget this day as long as I live." Eric Thomas

the accomplishment

The greatest obstacle you will ever face is to accept the challenge. Make it to the finish line and walk away with a symbol of excellence; a badge of courage, a mark of distinction! 


It’s not for everyone. Is it for you?
— Team GBC