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As we continue introducing our racing & endurance programs across America, our mission is to continue building a foundation of relationships around our military and civilian communities. Founded in 2012, by former Special Forces Green Berets, the GBC, is an array of personal challenges requiring strength, determination, physical endurance, problem solving and decision making.

The focus of the GBC is to provide an atmosphere of positive motivation that drives people to succeed. Our goal is to develop the participants’ thinking and decision making so they operate in a more efficient manner, regardless of their professions. Conquering the challenges will breed self-improvement, a positive can-do attitude and the perseverance to complete any task, regardless of the odds.

As you dissect our events, you will see how each offering builds upon the other. No other race series in this industry comes close to this approach. Building Better Humans goes way beyond a tag line. We believe it is our inherent responsibility to convey our experiences and training to our audience that believes in us through our diverse race series.

2017 will present two racing options, as well as our 24-hour endurance experience. The Operator Individual Endurance Challenge is a combination of military style obstacles, coupled with the signature GBC endurance challenges, all wrapped into 4-fast paced miles.

The Commando 4-person Team Series requires the participants to attack 8+ grueling miles as they push, pull, carry, climb or crawl their way to the finish line. The Commando is arguably the most demanding 1-day event in the industry.

“The XII” is newest event built into the GBC. The XII is a 12-hour endurance evolution which will expose the candidates with a little taste of what it takes to make it through Special Forces Assessment & Selection. If you have already participated in one of our events, you already know we have set the new standard in endurance challenges.

Our 24-hour extreme challenge, Behind Enemy Lines, launched September 2016, focuses on a day in the life of a Green Beret. Once qualified to attend, we introduce the participants to actual Special Forces training, which culminates with an Unconventional Warfare scenario. In the end, the teams plan, rehearse and execute a Special Operations style mission. The overlapping training and instruction received directly translates to their individual lives creating a force multiplying effect.

In this burgeoning industry, we are continually striving for new and innovative ways to grow the GBC brand. Our success is predicated on the fact that we have lived what we produce. If you’re looking for an event of substance to support, that changes lives, look no further than the Green Beret Challenge.


Mark Ballas, Founder & CEO

founder & ceo, Mark Ballas

Mark is a former Special Forces “Green Beret”, Army Ranger and Entrepreneur with a 22-year culmination of Special Operations and government contracting industry experience. Read more about Mark. 

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