Meet the Cadre

Matt The Bearded One Wilson

Master Sergeant (Retired) Matthew Wilson entered the military July 1988 as an Airborne Ranger. He was assigned to 1st & 2nd Ranger Battalions and was assigned as a Ranger Instructor for the Jungle/Swamp phase for Ranger School. MSG (R) Wilson was also assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and 1st SFOD-Delta. Accomplishments during his 26+ years of service include the Ranger Tab, Special Forces Tab, Combat Diver Badge and Master Parachutist Badge. Deployments ranged from Central and South America to Afghanistan and Iraq. Matt’s dynamic personality, endless wealth of knowledge and tireless work ethic is directly responsible for the success of the GBC. Matt has been with the GBC since its inception dating back to 2012, and currently resides in the state of Tennessee. 

John The Angry Elf Mckelvie

Master Sergeant (Retired) John J. McKelvie has 26 years of service with the U.S. Army between reserve and active duty time. His specialties include Combat Engineer, Infantryman, Special Forces Engineer Sergeant, Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant and Special Forces Operations Sergeant. John is a graduate of the Operations and Intelligence Sergeants Course, Special Forces Survival School, Combat Diver Qualification Course and the Combat Diver Supervisor Course. Deployments ranged from Central and South America to Afghanistan and Iraq. John is a Texas native and residing in his home state since retirement.


George The Cuban Martinez

As the newest member of Team GBC, George brings a wide array of experience to the team. George’s SOF background ultimately led to the development of SMACK Tactical. He and his crew conduct numerous advanced training initiatives with the state and local law enforcement agencies in south Florida. As a successful commercial construction business owner, George will oversee the GBC build crew in 2018 and beyond. George also manages our backside support and role player integration which are vital to the overall success of the Green Beret Challenge endurance events.