THe Operator – obstacle series

The Operator Obstacle Course/Endurance Challenge event is our various distance 5-mile individual obstacle course race. The course will consist of man -made obstacles, terrain running, and of course our unique GBC Endurance Challenges or WODs. This hybrid event is unlike any standard Obstacle Course Race. The inclusion of our signature endurance challenges creates a one of a kind race that will tap into your entire mind, body, and soul to complete.

the Commando – endurance series

The Commando is now and individual or 4-person Team Challenge that requires the participants to attack 8+ grueling miles as they push, pull, carry, climb or crawl their way to the finish line. The Commando is arguably the most demanding 1-day event in the industry. 

We promise the pain will be legendary, but the sense of accomplishment will last forever. Unlike traditional OCR’s, the GBC incorporates unique “events” that require teamwork, communication, a little grey matter and a lot of heart. We will not test your ability to crawl through mud, but we will test your resolve to complete the challenge.

The wicked – trail series

Looking for a great way to enjoy a Saturday morning? 

After several years of producing obstacle course races and endurance challenges, the team behind the Green Beret Challenge (GBC) has started their own trail racing series. Trail racing with a twist to be more exact. According to the founder of The Wicked and the GBC, “we wanted to develop a race series that serves the pure trail racers as well as the obstacle course racing enthusiasts.” Our goal was to create a hybrid race that provides natural obstacles that impedes the runners movement, but doesn’t necessarily replicate a pure obstacle course race”. Therefore, the Wicked was born.
Our series format will offer two distances at select venues. Each Wicked course which will host a variety of natural obstacles, cargo nets, rope assisted hill climbs, rock faces, stream crossings, etc… Join us where Trail Racing meets OCR and Let’s Get Wicked!