Operator – individual obstacle/endurance challenge

The Operator Obstacle Course/Endurance Challenge event is our 5-mile individual version of the Commando Team Challenge. The course will consist of man -made obstacles, terrain running, and of course our unique GBC Endurance Challenges or WODs. This hybrid event is unlike any standard Obstacle Course Race. The inclusion of our signature endurance challenges creates a one of a kind race that will tap into your entire mind, body, and soul to complete.

Commando – Team endurance challenge

The Commando 4-person Team Series requires the participants to attack 8+ grueling miles as they push, pull, carry, climb or crawl their way to the finish line. The Commando is arguably the most demanding 1-day event in the industry. 

We promise the pain will be legendary, but the sense of accomplishment will last forever. Unlike traditional OCR’s, the GBC incorporates unique “events” that require teamwork, communication, a little grey matter and a lot of heart. We will not test your ability to crawl through mud, but we will test your resolve to complete the challenge.

The XII – 12 hour endurance challenge

Looking for an endurance event with substance? The XII is a 12-hour endurance evolution presented by the Green Beret Challenge. If you have already participated in one of our events, you already know we have set the new standard in Endurance Challenges. Participants will be exposed what it takes to make it through Special Forces Assessment & Selection. This unique experience is delivered within a very unique endurance format. 

Phase I:  Experience a little taste of what goes on at Special Forces Assessment & Selection (A&S) most folks will never get to see or understand. Expect to be tested individually throughout this phase of the XII. You will be expected to pass a Special Forces physical fitness test in the form of a modified UBRR, rope climbs, mini endurance challenges, etc… The XII will be limited to the first 100 Candidates. 

Make it through the first evolution and move onto Phase II. Our “base camp” will launch team building events just like the Special Forces “Green Beret” candidates encounter during team week. 

Phase III will host the final evolution and will undoubtedly test your resolve to complete The XII. To maintain the integrity of the event, there will not be any information outlined pertaining to this evolution. 

Overall, the Candidates will be evaluated on both individual and collective tasks and accompanied by REAL Special Forces veterans. 

The XII is a must pass, qualifying event for those interested in moving onto our 24-hour challenge, Behind Enemy Lines.

Behind Enemy Lines – a gbc 24 hour experience

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Green Beret for a day? 24-hours of GBC is designed to allow the participants to experience a day in the life of a Green Beret built into a 24-hour experience. Regardless of which mission set you attend (Clandestine Operations, Urban Assault or Survival & Evasion), we will expose each participant to real training and real missions.

The first phase of this event is an interactive and engaging segment of the program that will cover some basic tasks Special Forces students learn over the course of 12 months of training. Each attendee can expect to receive training on several areas that are common to Special Forces missions and tasks.

The second phase will require the participants to put their new skills into action. Imagine the opportunity to deploy to another country as a representative of diplomacy to assist a foreign government in restoring peace and democracy, or to just go destroy some stuff. Teams will be accompanied by real Special Forces veterans (GBC Cadre) as “advisors” as you embark on a journey only seen in the movies. The teams will be configured into a Special Forces Guerilla Force or commonly referred to as our “G” force. You will be given an opportunity to plan, rehearse and execute a real special operations style mission.

Due to the drastically different mission sets, the final scenario’s activities are not publicized to ensure we maintain the integrity of the event. The participants will receive all necessary information, performance standards, packing lists, event timeline, upon completing the registration process.

What we can tell you; as the journey unfolds, the teams will have to adapt to an ever-changing scenario that will require sound judgment, a bit of uncertainty and definitely a lot of excitement. Do you have what it takes, to survive & thrive, Behind Enemy Lines? – Team GBC

Added to this event will be a custom award given to the one participants that has demonstrated the attributes becoming of a Green Beret, based on the whole man (or woman) philosophy. This award will be determined by his/her peers.