Behind Enemy Lines

The Training

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Green Beret for a day? 24-hours of GBC is designed to allow the participants to experience a day in the life of a Green Beret built into a 24-hour experience. Regardless of which mission set you attend (Clandestine Operations, Urban Assault or Survival & Evasion), we will expose each participant to real training and real missions.

The first phase of this event is an interactive and engaging segment of the program that will cover some basic tasks Special Forces students learn over the course of 12 months of training. Each attendee can expect to receive training on several areas that are common to Special Forces missions and tasks.

Green Beret Challenge

The second phase will require the participants to put their new skills into action. Imagine the opportunity to deploy to another country as a representative of diplomacy to assist a foreign government in restoring peace and democracy, or to just go destroy some stuff. Teams will be accompanied by real Special Forces veterans (GBC Cadre) as “advisors” as you embark on a journey only seen in the movies. The teams will be configured into a Special Forces Guerilla Force or commonly referred to as our “G” force. You will be given an opportunity to plan, rehearse and execute a real special operations style mission.

Due to the drastically different mission sets, the final scenario’s activities are not publicized to ensure we maintain the integrity of the event. The participants will receive all necessary information, performance standards, packing lists, event timeline, upon completing the registration process.

Green Beret Training
Green Beret Weapons Training

The Mission

What we can tell you; as the journey unfolds, the teams will have to adapt to an ever-changing scenario that will require sound judgment, a bit of uncertainty and definitely a lot of excitement. Do you have what it takes, to survive & thrive, Behind Enemy Lines? – Team GBC

Added to this event will be a custom award given to the one participants that has demonstrated the attributes becoming of a Green Beret, based on the whole man (or woman) philosophy. This award will be determined by his/her peers

Green Beret Night Experience
Green Beret Team Challenge


Green Beret Wall

I can say, and have said, without hesitation, that Behind Enemy Lines is the best endurance event I have ever attended (Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Heat 12, Hurricane Heat 24, Winter Agoge, Summer Agoge, Ultra Marathons – you get the picture). It was excellently run from jump. Even the attendees were top shelf. Everyone wanted to be there. Why?

Your business model is phenomenal and the Cadre is even better. If they had a beard, ball cap or an abundance of tattoos, they were consistently excellent. In fact, the only person who is the shit who didn’t sport one of those three things overtly. Apparently this was a known fact to previous attendees as they had patches made declaring their love for the guy. I eagerly await for my F*CK BALLAS patch to arrive. I will display that with pride.

Let’s get back to your Cadre and Course. It really was excellent and I enjoyed myself immensely. I learned a lot. to own the truth. Things that I will use during my time in command and beyond. One of the things that sticks out the most was the attitude and demeanor of the Cadre. Attitude reflects leadership and the student body was in excellent spirits and did not complain once. Let that sink in; not one ill word uttered. Everyone looked forward to the next challenge. Trust was absolute, which is no small feat considering the things we did.

Eric Holmes

04, US Navy