The Commando 4-person Team Series requires the participants to attack 8+ grueling miles as they push, pull, carry, climb or crawl their way to the finish line. The Commando is arguably the most demanding 1-day team challenge event in the industry. 

We promise the pain will be legendary, but the sense of accomplishment will last forever. Unlike traditional team challenge OCR’s, the GBC incorporates unique “events” that require teamwork, communication, a little grey matter and a lot of heart. We will not test your ability to crawl through mud, but we will test your resolve to complete the team challenge. 

team challenge
team challenge award
team challenge working together

What You Earn

After a challenging Endurance/OCR Hybrid race, hang out with us for the day as you don your custom finishers medal, event t-shirt and enjoy the accomplishment of surviving the most difficult 8 miles in the industry. 

Although the Commando is more of an experience vs. a race, each member of the fastest team will receive custom plaques. Composition of the teams can be all male, co-ed or all female. Yes, we have had an all-female team win the fastest team award! Choose your teammates wisely. Check out the schedule and register today for one of the most challenging, but most rewarding events in the industry.