The XII is a 12-hour endurance evolution presented by the Green Beret Challenge. If you have already participated in one of our events, you already know we have set the new standard in Endurance Challenges. Participants will be exposed to what it takes to make it through Special Forces Assessment & Selection. This unique experience is delivered within a very unique endurance challenge format.

Phase I: Experience a little taste of what goes on at Special Forces Assessment & Selection (A&S) most folks will never get to see or understand. Expect to be tested individually throughout this phase of the XII. You will be expected to ENDURE numerous Special Forces physical fitness events… The XII will be limited to the first 100 Candidates.

xii endurance challenge


Make it through the first endurance challenge evolution and move onto Phase II. Our “base camp” will launch team building events just like the Special Forces “Green Beret” candidates encounter during team week.

endurance challenge teamwork
endurance challenge individual skills
endurance challenge hard work

The Wizard

Will host the final evolution appropriately titled, “The Wizard” will undoubtedly test your resolve to complete The XII. Overall, the Candidates will be evaluated on both individual and collective tasks and accompanied by REAL Special Forces veterans. The XII is a must pass, qualifying event for those interested in moving onto our 24-hour challenge, Behind Enemy Lines.

team endurance challenge

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